Creating A Profile

This Is Me, Everyday


Step One

Select a Photo

Select the photo that represents YOU.

Preferably a health and wellness related photo.

Step Two

Select a Location

Select the place that represents YOU.

Can be your hometown or the city/town your current city/town

Step Three

Use emojis to describe your Activity

Whether it's one or all of the available activities. Use a relevant emoji to paint the picture of your participation. 

Step Four

Select Competition + Tag @time.league

CoEd Competitive = 24 Driven and Active Individuals

Group Play + Playoffs (Top 5 Each Group)

Ladies Open = Ladies Only Competition 

Elimination Style Bracket (8 ppl, Week by Week)

Tag @time.league on Instagram

Step Five

Personal Quote

A quote that represents your approach to life/the competition

Let the people know a little about you through a quote!